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Security Services


Risk Assessments

Risk assessments define what you are trying to protect, its value, and the control gaps that exist, presenting risk to your environment.

Understand exposures, threats, and counter-measures, how they relate to you, and what changes are needed to take your Security and Compliance program to the next level.

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

Learn about your security posture, and grain critical visibility into your network. The Internet changes every day, and so does information security risk.

Layer 8 helps you see what’s happening in your environment, so that you are prepared to keep your business humming in the face of real-world threats.

Application Security

Applications are the primary target for attackers trying to get into your environment. Layer 8 Application security reviews and identifies high-risk vulnerabilities, probes security controls, and recommends remediation’s to eliminate risk across the application layer.

Layer 8 covers the entire application life cycle including design & development, QA testing, staging, deployment, and post-deployment operations – including active defenses – to keep your applications performing at their best.

Compliance, Management, Governance

Layer 8 helps you maintain secure, stable, and compliant posture on an ongoing basis. We help to orchestrate compliance efforts, while streamlining security.

Whether your goal is compliance with internal guidelines, an external mandate specific to your industry, or complex compliance efforts across multiple mandates, Layer 8 has the expertise and experience to help you achieve compliance and maintain governance as objectives change over time.

Experience = Value

With over 75 years of related experience and expertise to the Canadian tech market we ensure successful deployments that install and operate flawlessly, returning much needed value to our customers.

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