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Gigamon announces industry’s first Security Delivery Platform.

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Have you been struggling to balance the need for increased network performance with the cost of constant infrastructure changes?

Big Switch offers the industry’s first Pay-As-You-Grow Model for SDN

Big Switch Networks® Elastic SDN Pricing model is an industry first and enables customers to spend CapEx for average utilization and pay for future growth or temporary additional capacity on demand. This innovative pricing model provides customers with flexibility, reduced cost and a pay-per-use consumption model for Hardware, Software and Support. For the same CapEx amount used to purchase the SDN fabric — physical switches, software and support — customers can elect to receive twice the capacity with an “Elastic SDN Fabric” at no additional cost. Beyond the cost benefits, the Big Cloud Fabric is 16 times faster than traditional network architectures for configuration and upgrades, four times faster for application deployment and 12 times faster for troubleshooting.

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How can I get useable information from my network and application performance data?

IT Analytics and Customizable Dashboards From ExtraHop Applies Context To Data and Makes Reports Easy to Access and Read

IT Operations Analytics provides broad context and clear operational intelligence so you can easily and quickly see and understand what is happening in your organization. Perceived network issues can be caused by applications. Access, bandwidth and network issues are all interconnected. Analyzing all your data allows better insight into all layers of your network. Customizable dashboards allow easy, understandable and reportable visualization of complex data from top level summaries to deep dives into the details.

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How can we simplify management and increase efficiency of our network analysis and security appliances?

Packet Brokers Connect Multiple Appliances and Easily Manage Data Flows

The maze of specialized monitoring tools required to effectively manage and protect networks gets more complex every day. Performance monitoring, security monitoring, application monitoring, traffic analytics, customer experience, lawful intercept and compliance tools all need to be connected to network links. Packet brokers can simplify the connection of all the devices used to manage and secure your network. These devices are simple to manage and program, scalable from just a few links to many and efficiently control the data flows to connected appliances.

Gigamon provides active visibility into physical and virtual network traffic enabling stronger security and superior performance. Gigamon’s Visibility Fabric™ and GigaSECURE®, the industry’s first Security Delivery Platform, deliver advanced intelligence so that security, network and application performance management solutions in enterprise, government and service provider networks operate more efficiently and effectively. With over ten year’s experience, Gigamon solutions are deployed globally across vertical markets including over seventy-five percent of the Fortune 100.

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How can I identify attacks while they are happening instead of after its too late?

Vectra Recognizes Attacks And Anticipates Next Moves in Real Time.

Perimeter defense is important but only part of a robust cyber security defense. Infected laptops penetrate perimeter detection and likely are already in your network. The Vector X-series platform is the first to combine learning, automated analysis and prioritized reporting to instantly identify a cyber attack and describe what the attacker is doing. It then can anticipate the attackers next move so it can be stopped. Beef up your cyber protection with security that thinks.

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